500 Sy nony m & Ant ony m MCQs CDS & NDA EXAMS shop.ssbcrack.com INDEX 1 Synonyms 1 2 Antonyms 9 3 Synonyms 17 4 Antonyms 25 5 Synonyms 33 6 Antonyms 41 7 Synonyms and Antonyms 49 8 Synonyms 57 9 Antonyms 65 10 Synonyms 73 11 Antonyms 81 12 Synonyms 89 13 Antonyms 97 14 Synonyms and Antonyms 103 DOWNLOAD CDS and NDA eBOOKS 1 Synonyms Which of these words is closest in meaning to the word provided? dangerous. Synonyms are words that have the same or nearly the same meaning. Synonyms Similar meaning. WORD SYNONYMS ANTONYMS LEVEL RESOURCE LIST SYNONYMS & ANTONYMS Filtred list of synonyms for Dangerous is here. Dangerous antonyms - 271 Opposites of Dangerous 31 terms. Vague C. Insignificant D. Inadequate Answer: B Words such as funny and serious. See more. The word comes from Ancient Greek syn (σύν) ("with") and onoma (ὄνομα) ("name"). Here you use the antonyms for dangerous. harmless. What are another words for Dangerous? Synonyms and Antonyms Worksheet for Class 3 CBSE Format, Topics, Examples, Samples PDF. Synonyms and antonyms are used by teachers, students, writers, editors, poets, and songwriters. If you want to download PDF scroll down and you will get the PDF at the end of the article. synonyms and antonyms examples, synonyms and antonyms list, synonyms and antonyms in pdf, similar words. I am also preparing for competitive exams and select the most important antonyms and synonyms from 5 books. Nebulous A. A word has synonyms as well as antonyms. Use of synonyms and antonyms. Antonym definition, a word opposite in meaning to another. Evan_Wilson608. antonym of drift. Brave. English 100 Examples of Synonyms and Antonyms Vocabulary Antonym opposite words contradict each other and meet opposite meanings. List of Synonyms A list of synonyms & antonyms for the 100 most often used words in the English language. Because learning a word with its synonyms increases our competence in . An antonym is a word, adjective, verb or expression whose meaning is opposite to that of a word. A. Circle the two synonyms for each set of words. Download the Free Synonyms and Antonyms PDF for enhancing preparation levels. Another word for dangerous: perilous, threatening, risky, hazardous, exposed | Collins English Thesaurus Antonyms, Synonyms and Homonyms Need help with the definitions for Antonyms, Synonyms or Homonyms? Vocabulary synonyms and antonyms. Parts of speech. Synonyms and Antonyms 1. Synonyms are words that have almost the same meaning. Synonyms and Antonyms. Dark - shadowy, unlit, murky, gloomy, dim, dusky. ugly - beautiful, rough - soft, cheerful - sad, dangerous - secure, huge - tiny, ill - healthy, mean - kind, strong - weak, full - starving, loud - silent , Synonyms and Antonyms Share Share Synonyms are words with the same or similar meanings. Q4 weeks 1 and 2 . English-Synonyms-and-Antonyms. 20 terms. hazardous, perilous, risky, high-risk, fraught with danger, unsafe, uncertain, unpredictable, precarious, insecure, exposed, vulnerable, touch-and-go, chancy, tricky . Thesaurus for Dangerous. Mohsen Said. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Find out the synonyms, antonyms and definition. The more you study synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms, the more you'll feel inspired to use them in your everyday writing. antonym of fatal. Definition of Antonyms An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. Other sets by this creator. Quotes about in . Synonyms and Antonyms are very important topics in the English section for any competitive exams and other government exams. Antonyms are words with opposite meanings. However, since synonym substitution is a key strategy for improving written communication, study of synonyms is more beneficial. Synonyms and antonyms can be learned in categories such as adjectives, adverbs, and adverbs. It's good to begin building vocabulary by learning categories of English synonyms and antonyms. Recognizing synonyms and antonyms can help you to identify the correct response in Part 3 of the TOEIC test. - Robert Frost 2. Images for thousands of entries. However, the catch is Synonyms & Antonyms are restricted to one word. Antonyms are used to express the opposite of a word. dangerous/harmful buy/purchase join/unite complex/difficult blunt tall/long plural stand big/huge save end/finish calm clever/intelligent crooked . Students should differentiate between the three different options. Synonyms for dangerous in Free Thesaurus. In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. ' The root words for the word 'antonym' are the words 'anti,' meaning 'against' or 'opposite,' and 'onym,' meaning 'name. Synonyms for dangerous extensions in Free Thesaurus. Opposite Of Dangerous, Antonyms of Dangerous, Meaning and Example Sentences Antonym opposite words contradict each other and meet opposite meanings. We hope you enjoy the expansion and blossoming of your . Candidates preparing for any government exams like SSC must be thorough with English Synonyms and Antonyms. We as a second language learners we sometimes cannot recall a word so we need to have another one to avoid the pitfall. dangerous - Synonyms, related words and examples | Cambridge English Thesaurus Look no further, kidsplayandcreate has got you covered! year 6 Synonyms and Antonyms Antonym An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. Antonyms for dangerous. antonym of enable. Table of Contents Examples of Antonym Words ListExamples of Synonyms . Hundreds of thousands of synonyms and antonyms arranged by meaning and with key synonyms highlighted. Synonyms are words with the same or similar meanings. This study set is to help students learn the difference between synonyms and antonyms. It can be tough to throw synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms into the mix when children are just learning to build up their vocabulary. These are the few famous which everybody must remember and for the rest of the Antonyms and synonyms you can check the PDF which I have given below:-. Most students find antonyms easier than synonyms since opposites tend to be more concrete con-cepts than similarities. A student having good knowledge of Synonyms & Antonyms can write better Essays and Reports. Let's start with some basic definitions. An antonym is a word, adjective, verb or expression whose meaning is opposite to that of a word. - Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe 3. synonyms A synonym is a word that means the same, or almost the same, as another word. Students can remember this by considering the anti- sound at the beginning of antonym. . In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd. 50 Synonyms and Antonyms for Kids to improve their vocabulary fast. Impetuous A. 30 Dangerous synonyms that start with letter D. What are similar words for Dangerous starting with D? Synonyms-thesaurus.com is more than 70,800 synonyms and 47,200 antonyms available. Audio pronunciations for synonyms and antonyms. Start studying "The Most Dangerous Game" Vocabulary: Synonyms & Antonyms. Homonyms are words that are pronounced the same, and are sometimes spelled the same, but have different meanings. antonym of examine. 271 opposites of dangerous- words and phrases with opposite meaning. 100 words with synonyms and antonyms Antonym Opposite Words Antonym opposite words contradict each other and meet opposite meanings. nouns. antonym synonyms, antonym pronunciation, antonym translation, English dictionary definition of antonym. A word has synonyms as well as antonyms. Dangerous - perilous, hazardous, risky. List of words that appear most frequently in entrance exams. More 1300 Dangerous synonyms. Synonyms Meaning and Examples PDF CBSE. Perilous, unsafe, risky. English Synonyms and Antonyms (3.00 / 3 votes) Rate these synonyms: dangerous That which is formidable is worthy of fear if encountered or opposed; as, a formidable array of troops, or of evidence. 4 Full PDFs related to this paper. 42 synonyms for dangerous: perilous, threatening, risky, hazardous, exposed, alarming, vulnerable . There are plenty of ways to sprinkle examples of antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms for kids into their everyday activities. perilous means dangerous, therefore safe is the opposite 226. c. isolation means the state of being alone or withdrawn, or solitude 227. a. a lull is a temporary pause 228. d. to outfit means to supply or . Synonyms: Synonyms are words that have the same or nearly the same meaning as any given word.

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